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Perisher vs Thredbo: Where should I ride this year?

Are you still deciding where you should go this snow season?

Why is it hard to compare the two? "Highest Snowfields in Australia!", "Highest lift in Australia!", "Australia's biggest", "Australia's Longest" are all slogans used by these two snow tycoons. As their marketing starts to sound like a tinder bio, how do we decipher between the jargon? Is there much difference between the two? Who actually holds the title for the best snow resort in Australia?

Luckily each resort excels in its own way!


Thredbo's altitude is 1365 to 1930 meters. Containing Australia's largest mountains. This makes for the steepest and longest runs in Australia to create some amazing runs for Intermediate - experienced riders. The downside to this however is the amount of snow that falls (or can be made) is limited at the lower altitudes.

Thredbo's après scene includes a great nightlife, pool and spa leisure centre and affordable on mountain accomodation.


Perisher is BIG! There is no shortage of runs to tackle and there are parks and runs for all skill levels. With 4 areas to tackle (Perisher, Blue Cow, Guthega and Smiggin Holes) you can always find a run that suits you. Now please note, all these lifts and runs doesn't mean there are no lift lines. Popular lifts can have 45 min - 1 hour wait times.

Thats why when booking always check school holiday dates or for any special events.


How should you pick where to go this season?

Beginners? - Perisher

With 3 different lesson locations. Perisher has larger areas for boarders of all learning levels.

Intermediate / Expert? - Thredbo

With the longest runs in Australia, spend more time shredding and less time in lines. The tall mountains have created runs that can take you from the highest point of Thredbo all the way back to the village.

Parks Rats - Perisher

With parks for all levels. Perisher has everything from learner jumps and boxes to their world-famous Front Valley Slopestyle Terrain Park.

Party goers - Thredbo

With an amazing après scene, Finish off your day with a night out party scene on-mountain in the Thredbo village.


Pass Inclusions:

Perisher's Epic season pass, the Epic Pass has some great incentives. Including 15% off accommodation, food, and drinks at The Station just outside of Jindabyne as well as most of the restaurants in perisher.

Thredbo's passes have a perk that is hard to rival though. Unlimited access to the Thredbo Leisure Centre. For that much-needed R&R after a day on the mountain. Would this tempt you to get a season pass?

The Stats:

Are you still looking to book your ski passes?

Visit each resort's page below.

Did you find a clear winner? Where do you think suits you? Personally after 3 seasons at Perisher I still find new sections I haven't found before but I also can't wait to get a few trips in at Thredbo this year to mix up and finally check out that famous après scene.

Leave a comment where your favourite resort is and why! :)

"Disclaimer: Written by an avid Perisher Rider*

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