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The perfect storage solution for boarders who want to charge all day. Securely attaching to (most) highbacks, 'THE STASH BAG’ is perfect for storing your wallet, keys, snacks locks and board tools. Loop the neoprene sleeve over your highback and secure the buckles under your heel cup and you’re ready to go.



The Stash Bag - Black Camo

  • Care Instructions

    - Attach to your rear binding.

    - Avoid placing electronics inside bag as it is water-resistant NOT Waterproof. 

    - Loop lock through Neoprene sleeve when leaving board unattended.

    - Keep loose straps secure with the elastic bands to avoid catching. 

Subtle with pop, easy to access storage right  on the back of your heel. Never run out of pockets again!

Don't sweat it, with 2 buckles locking 'The Stash Bag' in place. You never have to worry about losing your gear.


Pink Paradise

Blue Steel? or BLUEtiful? You decide! 


Pink Paradise

Tickle me pink! Bring the tropics to the slopes!


Pink Paradise

What did Camouflage look like before colour TV?



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